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Шашлык из свиных ребер (500 г), Шашлык из свиной шеи (500 г), Люля-кебаб куриные (3 шт. по 200 г), Люля-кебаб говяжьи (3 шт. по 200 г), Шашлык из куриного филе (500 г), Шашлык из свиной мякоти (500 г), Шашлык из куриных крыльев (500 г), Соус белый (2 по 80 мл), Соус красный (2 по 80 мл), Лаваш (4 шт.)



Да, Нет

...a fresh contemporary feel, offering a good selection of freshly prepared and cooked pizza's together with a good selection of drinks and desserts. Service was attentive and relaxed. The food was tasty and of good quality.

George Booher

They're very attentive and great at offering suggestions if you can't decide what to order. I ordered the penne pasta with artichokes and was pleasantly surprised by how creamy and delicious is was. Definitely going back soon!

Norma Francis

We've been ordering from these guys for over the years, and we've sampled almost everything on the menu and often order the listed daily specials. We know what to expect: great food and great prices. I suggest checking them out.

Doug Barton